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Published: 08th April 2015
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The subconscious mind has no reasoning ability and only obeys instructions based on the input we constantly provide through our thoughts and through our physical senses. Therefore, the more of something we focus on, the more we receive information specifically aligned to our subject of focus.
Basically meaning that through our mental filter system, we experience more of what we think about and this in turn colours how we see ourselves and our view of the world. It is this mental filter mechanism that allows us to hold on to our self-image, our beliefs and our sense of what is possible.
Through Deletion, your subconscious mind automatically erases any information that does not correspond with your commonly held views of a situation or individual. Your subconscious mind will go to the extent of deleting any non-corresponding views or situations from your consciousness such that while the non-corresponding events may occur, you won’t even be aware of them. What are the implications?
The implications are that say you generally hold the view that people like you and respect you, (not only will this belief reflect in your behaviour, thus drawing people to like and respect you), your subconscious mind will only focus on and reflect back more of those experiences where people show you respect and affection. You will come across the odd individual that may be less than cordial, however, your subconscious mind will relegate the encounter to being unimportant, delete it and you’ll go about your business unperturbed. Ever wonder why “easy going” people remain easygoing even though they deal with difficult people just like everyone else?
While the same process applies, the experience will be the same for someone who believes that they are surrounded by nasty people they cannot trust. Their minds, receiving this instruction will delete all the positive experiences they may encounter and only reflect back incidents that are aligned with their pessimistic view of the world, thus reinforcing their belief in how they view themselves and the world around them.
Another means through which the subconscious filter system operates is through the process of Distortion. With the distortion process, the subconscious will distort information regarding people and circumstances to better fit our view of the world around us and our beliefs. Through the process of distortion, your subconscious will only accept information that fits with your view of the world and distort everything else to make it fit. It is for this reason that two people can be placed in identical circumstances but their interpretation and views of it will be different. This is why optimists will always find a silver lining in any situation, while pessimists will see the problem in every situation, both good and bad.
Through Generalisation, your subconscious will categorise information regarding people and events into groups as a means of invalidating information that is not aligned with your general way of thinking. So say for example, you consider yourself a poor sales person whom clients do not wish to deal with. Even when clients respond favourably to you and could potentially want to do business with you, because of this entrenched negative view and though the process generalisation, your subconscious will invalidate the experience. As a result, you may end up thinking thoughts like “the client was not really interested, she was only being patronising”.
Our behaviours become shaped based by our beliefs. Our subconscious mind reflects back to us more of the experiences we expect to encounter. Our body language expresses our mindset, those around us react accordingly based on the signals we exude, and our view of the world around us becomes more firmly grounded.

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