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Published: 25th November 2014
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Developing a strong positive attitude should not be relegated to the ranks of feel good drivel; on the contrary, it has some real and tangible benefits. Experience has shown that people who consistently have a positive mental attitude about themselves, their potential and life in general tend to exhibit the following:

The positive attitude propels them toward achieving their goals and they are more likely to stay the course even when things get tough. When you shift your thinking from a victim based to winner based mindset and train yourself to see the learning potential in every circumstance, very little is able to stop you; unless of course you allow it.

They take more action toward their goals than those with non positive attitudes. In fact those who have cultivated a positive attitude often appear to be in a perpetual state of action as they do not allow circumstances and temporary setbacks hold them up for too long. People with positive mental attitudes appear to have an uncanny ability to find solutions to their problems. “Things just seem to work out for them”. The secret however is that by placing themselves perpetually in this positive mindset, their attitude becomes infectious. As such people are drawn to them and without often realising it end up cooperating or collaborating with them. I once knew of a young man in advertising sales who exuded such a strong positive attitude that you couldn’t help but buy what he was selling. His attitude was so pervasive that it came through even in the way he wrote his emails and his body language. Though advertising with his agency was expensive, I for one did not mind as it was an absolute joy to work with him. You could tell he was 100% sincere, was not being pretentious and was always solution focused. If there was problem, he would go to great lengths to fix it. Suffice it to say, he was highly successful and was eventually poached by another agency where I am certain that he is being paid far more than he used to be paid.

There really is no secret or hocus pocus behind the success positive people enjoy. Rather its quite simple. If you strongly expect circumstances to turn out a certain way, positive or negative, more often that not they turn out exactly as you expect. The reason for this is that your belief drives your attitude and your belief either galvanises you propelling you toward achieving that positive result OR, your beliefs are so toxic that you subconsciously sabotage yourself and get the negative result you always dreaded. That’s why you often hear people say things like “I always knew it would not work out”, “I always had a bad feeling about it”, “ I always have bad luck”; and on an on it goes. Having a negative mental attitude is like running a sprint with one leg tied up; you’re won’t get far, despite all your best efforts.

The same applies to your relationships - If you expect people to treat you a certain way, this belief will be reflected in your body language; people pick up on this body language and treat you accordingly. Period.

Developing a positive mental attitude starts with your beliefs. Develop positive beliefs and this will eventually change how you see yourself and how you interact with the world around you. This consequently impacts your attitude and changes the results you get for the better. As the saying goes “change the way you see the world and the world around you changes”.

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