Femi Adebanji



08th April 2015
HOW WE HOLD ONTO OUR LIFE VIEWS The subconscious mind has no reasoning ability and only obeys instructions based on the input we constantly provide through our thoughts and through our physical senses. Therefore, the more of something we focus on, the ... Read >

Shifting Gears

03rd April 2015
HOW TO REVERSE NEGATIVE BELIEFS Until the negative conditioning is reversed, the ability to persist until a goal is achieved can become problematic. When we are about to pursue a goal or objective, negative conditioning generally manifests as self- dou... Read >


25th November 2014
BENEFITS OF A POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE Developing a strong positive attitude should not be relegated to the ranks of feel good drivel; on the contrary, it has some real and tangible benefits. Experience has shown that people who consistently have a pos... Read >


25th November 2014
Achieving success in any area of one’s life or career always requires setting a goal. Most of us set “goals” daily but for some strange reason, never seem to be able to achieve them. The simple reason behind this is that we often set weak goals as opposed... Read >

We Create Our Own Destiny

20th February 2013
In life, our point of focus becomes our reality. We get more of what we expect and inadvertently, we become creators of our destiny. How do we create our own destinies? Simple really. What we think about most of the time and how we see the world, will aff... Read >